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Booty Glow

Saturday June 1st @ 8pm

Come shake what your momma gave ya in this high energy, black light powered, paint and twerk class!  


I spent a whole year wanting to go to studio x, waiting for a friend to go with me. I eventually ended up making the decision to go on my own. Instantly hooked!! I did pole religiously from that moment on. I surely didn’t expect to meet some of the most amazing, uplifting women I’ve ever met either! If you’re ready to have fun and be accepted with open arms, this is the place for you.”



” Studio X is an awesome place with amazing instructors! Getting fit and having fun reclaiming my sexy! I love this place. I recommend pole-fitness to everyone!!”



“Studio X is the BEST place ever to regain your self confidence! When I started my first class, I left feeling very positive about myself. I attended classes for over a year until medical issues forced me to stop. Heather  has kept in touch with me and I really miss my Pole family. If you want to make new friends, feel confident and sexy in your own skin, then you need to try out Studio X Pole Fitness. You WILL not be disappointed!!”



“Studio X is an amazing judgement free place where amazing people help with confidence building and learning to love yourself while learning some pretty interesting sexy moves. A very fun and open place”



“Empowering, Sexy, and down right fun!! Great instructors with a great atmosphere!”



“One of my favorite places to be!  You’ll never find anywhere else that will make you feel sexy while having fun and getting a great workout all at the same time!”



“I have never been to a facility where I didn’t feel out of place because of my size or like others were watching me and judging me until I came here. Everyone from students to instructors are so supportive and family like. I knew I made the right decision from the moment I walked in. I am completely hooked on these classes, from the stretch classes to the pole classes and eager to plan my next weeks workout scheduled around these classes. ”



“I was stationed at fort Bragg in January 2016. I heard of studio x and spent a year wanting to go but nervous about being the new girl walking in wanting to learn how to dance. When I finally went I fell in love after the first class. The only thing I regret is not starting sooner. Studio x pole fitness is my second home. And I have never been so supported by a group of such empowering women.”



“Heather and her team of incredible instructors have been nothing but kind and professional over the last 4 years I’ve known them. The studio is beautiful and updated, the instructors show up ready to class with a variety of new tricks and training exercises, and the emphasis on flow and fluidity in this studio is unrivaled by none. One of my favorite places!”


Brittnai Pytlar

” When I watched a few pole dancing videos on youtube, I expected to do something outside the ordinary.  I didn’t expect to find such a supportive, encouraging community of friends, to feel such confidence in the amazing things my body can do, or to have something I consider not just a workout, but a hobby!  I’ve been coming to Studio X for almost 2 years now and I can truly say that pole fitness has changed my life for the better. “



“I first found Studio X through a private party with friends. It was so much fun that I signed up for Intro to Pole classes. That began a now almost 2 and 1/2 year pole journey that has changed my life. The instructors are all amazing and are great teachers. Studio X is my first pole home and there aren’t enough words to describe how much I recommend them. If you want to have fun, learn a new form of self expression and make lifelong friends, you really need to come to Studio X.”



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